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Working with private sector clients our market research company expertise spans a wide range of industries including carrying out market research for...

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Our company carries out market research with not for profit, voluntary and social enterprise organisations including...

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DJS Company News

  • Global Bioscience Market Research Underway At DJS Research Ltd
    Tue, 23rd Sep 2014
    DJS Research is currently engaged in a global market research study for one of the world’s largest ...... Read More

Market Research Insights

  • Majority of Brits Support ISIS Air Strikes, Market Research Survey Shows
    Tue, 30th Sep 2014 A survey, which was released hours before the British government announced it would take part in air strikes ......Read More
  • Charities Falling Behind in Modern Technology Advertising, Shows Research
    Tue, 30th Sep 2014 Charities are still not exploiting advances in technology and continue to spend the bulk of their advertising ......Read More
  • Digital Advertising Revenues Remain Elevated for UK Publishers, Study Shows
    Mon, 29th Sep 2014 Digital advertising research shows revenues from UK publishers were up 9.1% in the second quarter of 2014 ......Read More
  • Survey Shows Oil and Gas Industry is Benefitting From Rising Salaries
    Mon, 29th Sep 2014 The oil and gas sector has continued to benefit from increasing salaries over the last 12 months, ......Read More
  • Majority of Brits Support Labour’s New Policies, Poll Shows
    Thu, 25th Sep 2014 A recently conducted survey has uncovered the public’s opinion on several of the Labour party’s new policies. ...Read More
  • Heathrow Airport Viewed Positively by Most, Market Research Shows
    Thu, 25th Sep 2014 A recent study, conducted to gauge the public’s opinion on Heathrow Airport, has discovered that the majority of respondents ......Read More
  • Majority of MPs Think Generous Salaries are Unacceptable in Charities, Survey Shows
    Thu, 25th Sep 2014 Almost half (47%) of MPs think it is unacceptable for charities to pay highly positioned members of staff salaries ......Read More
  • Malaysians Becoming Increasingly Socially Engaged, Study Shows
    Thu, 25th Sep 2014 According to recent research, Malaysians have become one of the most socially engaged markets in the world. ...Read More
  • Research With Senior Decision Makers in Energy Companies
    Wed, 24th Sep 2014 DJS Research Ltd is conducting some research to understand what energy suppliers believe are the main barriers to them ......Read More
  • Chemical Industry Embracing Sustainability, Study Shows
    Tue, 23rd Sep 2014 The majority of companies in the chemical industry have embraced sustainability, according to a recent survey conducted by Genomatica ......Read More

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