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Working with private sector clients our market research company expertise spans a wide range of industries including carrying out market research for...

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We conduct market research with public sector organisations spanning local and central government across education, health and other public services...


Our company carries out market research with not for profit, voluntary and social enterprise organisations including...

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DJS Company News

  • DJS Research Ltd Achieves Highest Combined Score on Government Procurement Framework for Market Research
    Tue, 15th Apr 2014
    DJS Research Ltd have outperformed numerous larger agencies to top the charts in the UK’s most wide-ranging market research ...... Read More

Market Research Insights

  • Research Suggests Unpaid and Underpaid Internships are Blocking Students' PR Careers
    Mon, 14th Apr 2014

    A recent survey of 400 CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) students found that half (49%) of PR interns ......Read More

  • Survey Finds Majority of Gamers Prefer Adverts in Free Games over Paying For Games
    Mon, 14th Apr 2014

    According to a study conducted among 500 gamers, on behalf of Electronic Arts and WildTangent, a company that powers ......Read More

  • Survey Finds High Number Of Gyms Failing To Comply With Industry Guidelines
    Mon, 7th Apr 2014

    According to research of more than 1,100 people working in the Australian fitness industry – conducted by Professor Finch ......Read More

  • Study Finds Most Effective Way To Advertise
    Mon, 7th Apr 2014

    Think Media research finds local news media, in print and online, to be the most effective combination for driving ......Read More

  • Survey Finds Email Marketing Most Common For Lead Generation Among SMEs
    Mon, 7th Apr 2014

    According to findings from a recent survey, undertaken by Salesfusion and Demand Metric, most small and mid-size companies have ......Read More

  • Poll Suggests UK Roads Are In ‘Terrible Condition’
    Mon, 7th Apr 2014

    The AA’s Streetwatch programme, which surveyed almost 23,911 AA members, found that overall road conditions in the UK fell ......Read More

  • Health Survey Suggests That ‘Five a Day’ May Not Be Enough
    Mon, 7th Apr 2014

    A recently UCL (University College London) survey suggests that the familiar mantra, ‘five portions of fruit and vegetable a ......Read More

  • UK Oil and Gas Sector Expects Jobs Growth
    Mon, 7th Apr 2014

    According to a report released by the Bank of Scotland, the oil and gas sector has the potential to ......Read More

  • More Than Three Fifths of UK Women Bullied or Harassed at Work
    Wed, 2nd Apr 2014

    A recent survey of 25,000 women by the charity Opportunity Now and PwC, the professional service group, looked at ......Read More

  • Majority of Automotive Companies want the Country to Stay within the European Union
    Wed, 2nd Apr 2014

    The majority (92%) of companies operating in the British car industry want the country to stay within the European ......Read More


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