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Public Think Charities Spend Unacceptable Amount on Admin, Survey Shows

25th July 2014 13:30

According to a recent survey, the British public tend to overestimate how much charities spend on fundraising and administration, and underestimate how much is actually spent on the charity’s cause. The study’s findings showed that the public… Read more...

Scotland Divided on Impact Independence Will Have on Charities, Survey Shows

16th July 2014 13:53

A recent survey, conducted by nfpSynergy, has highlighted an evident divide within Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) and members of the public when it comes to the impact Scottish independence will have on its charities. Findings showed that 19 of… Read more...

London-based Offices and Re-branding Seen as Wasteful for Charities, Survey Shows

7th July 2014 12:35

A study looking into the public’s opinion of charities has discovered that a large proportion see re-brands and London-based offices as a waste of money. Almost seven in 10 (69%) said that London-based offices would be an improvident way for charities… Read more...

Charity Given Lowest Spending Priority, Survey Shows

3rd July 2014 17:55

The UK’s economic improvement may mean that, for some at least, their spending is set to increase over the course of the next year, but when asked what their increased spending is likely to go on, charity was given the lowest priority according to research… Read more...

Trust Levels for Charities Falls to 56% in April 2014

24th June 2014 17:18

Trust levels for charities have dropped 10% in the last year to plummet down to 56% in April 2014, compared to their May 2013 reading of 66%. The survey, conducted by Charity Awareness Monitor, with 1,000 16+ year olds in Britain, discovered that just over… Read more...

Survey Reveals That The Majority of Tory MPs Think Charities Should Not Be “Political”

28th January 2014 12:15

Research consultancy nfpSynergy recently asked 157 MPs in June and July what it meant for charities to be political for its report “The Politics of Charities”. Findings show more than three-quarters (78%) of Conservative MPs think it is a negative… Read more...

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