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  • Global Bioscience Market Research Underway At DJS Research Ltd
    Tue, 23rd Sep 2014
    DJS Research is currently engaged in a global market research study for one of the world’s largest ...... Read More

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  • Survey Suggests Autopilot Action Can Be Used to Protect Children
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  • New Study Suggests Behaviour of UK Schoolgirls Has Worsened
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Education Sector Market Research Shows Private Tuition Booming in UKAbout The Authors

14th May 2013 04:21 - Education

A survey by EdPLace, a provider of subscription based education resources for parents, suggests that UK parents now spend £6 billion per year on private tuition for their children. The results also showed that more than a quarter of famillies now use private tutors in some way in order to give their children additional support. The average cost per hour is around £22, meaning that the average annual spend is £2,758 per child.

A third of parents who were utilising private tutors said that they did not feel schools were providing an adequate level of support, with preperations for SAT exams being cited as key factor time when children required extra teaching hours.

Patrick Cooke, director of EdPlace, said:

"Private tuition has almost become the default option for people, and that’s why it commands such high rates. I think it’s a great shame that people see it as the default option. There is lack of confidence in parents in providing that extra help to their children themselves, and equally a time pressure.”

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