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Market Research Identifies Key Health Concerns in Five UK Cities

17th September 2012 15:37

A pan-European survey, led in the UK by the Universities of Manchester and Liverpool, has uncovered key health factors which they hope Government policymakers will address. Called the largest ever health and lifestyle survey of cities and conurbations across… Read more...

Survey Reveals Britons to Be Poor Nation of Sleepers

10th September 2012 15:37

A new survey sponsored by Sleepio, an online sleep improvement programme which uses cognitive behavioural techniques, has shown that many Britons are long-term poor sleepers, while sleeping pills fail to help the insomnia of four in ten adults. Some 42% of… Read more...

Market Research Uncovers Top UK Health Spots for Frequent Cycling

31st August 2012 15:40

A nationwide survey of 160,000 Britons carried out on behalf of the Government has revealed that adults in Cambridge are more likely to cycle regularly than anywhere else in the UK. At 52%, the city has the highest proportion of residents in the UK who ride… Read more...

Poll Finds Medical Industry Needs to Educate Britons about Telehealth Benefits

31st July 2012 13:25

Despite the Government launching an awareness raising initiative called ‘Three Million Lives Campaign’ in January this year, a survey of more than 2,000 UK adults by YouGov has revealed that the “vast majority” of Britons at 91% have… Read more...

Health Poll Finds Britons Neglecting Correct Exercise Routine

25th July 2012 16:15

  A poll of 1,000 people by muscle specialists Deep Heat and Deep Freeze has found that on average, the nation is failing to exercise regularly or safely. According to the survey results, millions of Britons don’t get enough exercise, and those… Read more...

First Results of ONS National Wellbeing Survey Published

24th July 2012 15:31

The Office for National Statistics (ONS), commissioned to carry out market research that measures “national wellbeing” beyond economic indicators like GDP, has now published its first results. Since April 2011 the Integrated Household Survey has… Read more...

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