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Survey Warns of Health Risk Due to Brit Decline in Walking

22nd June 2012 13:31

Following the results of a Department for Transport survey which found a marked decrease in the amount of walking that Britons engage in, scientists fear that cancer rates in the UK will rise. The survey discovered that the average person went on just 210… Read more...

Survey Discovers Baking Revival amongst Younger Generation

22nd June 2012 13:36

Coinciding with National Baking Week which runs from 17-23 October, survey results have today been released which surprisingly demonstrate that a baking renaissance is being driven by the younger generation. The study of over 1,000 people in the UK and Ireland… Read more...

Blighty Ranks Lowest in Europe for Quality of Life

22nd June 2012 13:40

UK comparison website uSwitch has conducted a survey to rank the quality of life in European countries, with the UK coming last on the list for the second year in a row. More than 2000 UK residents were surveyed in the study. The quality of life index looked… Read more...

Poll Finds Despite Knowing Risks, Britons Skimp On Sunscreen

22nd June 2012 13:45

  Despite high levels of awareness of the dangers of exposure to the Sun, a recent poll by YouGov suggests that Britons are still risking their health by getting sunburnt. Over 90% of Britons surveyed said their skin has been sunburnt, whilst around… Read more...

Boroughs with Worst Rates of Obesity Revealed in Health Survey

22nd June 2012 13:47

The latest national health survey has revealed adults in the Gateshead and Tamworth boroughs to have the highest rates of obesity in the country. Health profiles were compiled for the Department of Health using data from local health authorities, schools… Read more...

Survey Finds Children with Working Mums More Prone to Being Fat

22nd June 2012 13:54

The Scottish government has conducted a survey which links mums spending long hours at work with their children being overweight. The Millennium Cohort study, which looked at 13,800 families, suggests that the more time mothers spend at work, the fatter their… Read more...

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