Jake Carrington

Data Services Executive

Operations Team

Photo of Jake Carrington

Jake has been working for DJS Research since 2016 and after holding the role of Junior Data Services Executive, Jake has been promoted to Data Services Executive.

After graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University with a BSc in Computer Science in 2015, he joined the CATI unit in January 2016 as a telephone interviewer, eventually moving on to be a Team Leader. By late 2016, Jake was offered the role of Junior Data Services Executive due to his background in computing.

As a Junior Data Services Executive, Jake was responsible for scripting surveys, tabulating data, communicating with panel companies, and many other tasks necessary for processing and delivering data to the Research department. 

At university, Jake was primarily trained in Java and C#, with some training in a wide variety of other languages such as Lisp, Haskell, and Pharo. In his second year Jake moved away from web-based programming, in favour of subjects such as: artificial intelligence, algorithms, data structures, and OS concepts.

Being part of the data team has given Jake a good opportunity to revisit web technologies, such as JavaScript, (along with libraries such JQuery), HTML and CSS, which are often needed in the survey scripting process, and to learn some new technologies such as Quantum and R. 

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