Katy Moore

Junior Marketing Executive

Marketing & Business Development

Photo of Katy Moore

Katy joined DJS Research in June 2017 as Junior Marketing Executive, after completing her studies at the University of Chester.

During her time at university, Katy learned about the journalism industry and the advertisement sector, as well as other journalistic techniques including: writing, blogging, recording, film and audio editing. She then went on to publish directories, supplements and a wide variety of features, whilst working at Newsquest publications. Alongside her studies, Katy also worked for a retail firm for six years; initially starting as a sales assistant and later helping to manage and market a small retail firm to national and international customers. 

After completing her studies, Katy decided to take a different direction and worked in the health sector as a care worker for adults with complex needs. She continues to support charity and social enterprise organisations while working for DJS Research. Katy has also helped review new artists and marketed various music events, through the likes of social media and digital advertisements and attained a BA (Hons) in Journalism and Film Studies, as well as A-levels specialised in the field of English and Media.

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