About The Authors

The news items contained within the insights section of our website are compiled by a number of authors at DJS Research Ltd. Their details are below. Please note that the actual research may or may not have been conducted by DJS Research Ltd.

Danny Sims, Managing Director

As well as running the company, Danny remains involved in writing news items about the company and market research in general.  

Danny is also still involved in managing research projects. He is an experienced qualitative and quantitative researcher and in the past has conducted research with a range of clients. In particular, he has extensive experience of working within the public sector (education, local councils and Central Government). Some highlights have included:

  • Presenting analysis to the Secretary of State for Education
  • Conducting depth interviews at No. 10 Downing Street
  • Conducting depth interviews at the Houses of Parliament

He has strong experience in conducting customer satisfaction and public perception surveys within a number of industry sectors (private and public sector).

Elliot Simmonds, Research Consultant

Elliot is responsible for all elements of marketing, PR and communications at DJS Research Ltd. Elliot has worked at DJS Research since 2007 and oversees the companies digital strategy, including adding elements to the Insights page and Glossary, as well as compiling press releases and articles about the company and market research in general.  He is renowned at the company for his excellent writing skills and attention to detail.  

Katy Moore, Junior Marketing Executive

Katy joined DJS Research in June 2017 as Junior Marketing Executive after completing her studies at the University of Chester, where she gained a BA (Hons) in Journalism and Film Studies. 

She has previously published directories, supplements and a wide variety of features, whilst working at Newsquest publications. Now, Katy manages the content of the DJS Research website and social media platforms. Katy also generates company insights and newsletters for all of the market research sectors, compiles press releases and news articles about the company and contributes to various video ouputs for projects produced by the research team. 

James Hinde, Research Director

James is an occasional contributor to the insights section of our website. He is a senior member of the team and a very experienced researcher. James has worked in the market research industry for around 15 years. James is skilled in and comfortable with the full range of research techniques. He has managed quantitative projects across the range of modes (field, phone and on-line) utilising analytic tools such as Segmentation, Conjoint and Modelling.  He is an experienced group moderator and depth interviewer and has managed on-line qualitative projects.        

Lyn Allen, Operations Research Manager

Lyn is also an occasional contributor and author of the news items on our website. Lyn joined DJS Research Ltd in 2010. Her main strength lies in customer satisfaction research, conducting tracking studies for a broad range of clients operating in both business to business and consumer markets.  She also has experience of conducting branding, ad tracking, and usage & awareness research. 

In addition, on an on-going basis, all members of the DJS Research team actively feed through ideas and contributions to the authors above.

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