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Latest Market Research Insights

Ofcom Survey Reveals O2 Best for UK Mobile Broadband Speeds

22nd June 2012 14:58 - Telecommunications

Communications watchdog Ofcom has conducted a new survey to find the UKs leading broadband provider - O2 come out on top for speed, beating its four main competitors. In total, 4.2 million tests were carried out to produce their results, which measured the… Read more...

Study Finds Top Information Officers Believe Cloud Computing Is Over-Hyped

22nd June 2012 14:58 - Information Technology

A Vanson Bourne survey of 250 UK Chief Information Officers  has revealed that cloud computing, which provides on-demand computer resources and storage from a network rather than a via local computers, doesn’t seem to have revolutionised the IT… Read more...

Survey Finds South of UK Leads the Way for Saving Money

22nd June 2012 14:59 - Financial Services

High street bank Halifax conducted a survey to discover the country’s top savers, which revealed the south of England as top when it comes to stretching their pennies. The surveyants from London, the South East, South West and East Anglia all had bank… Read more...

UK Sees Rebound in Home Finances According to New Survey

22nd June 2012 15:00 - Financial Services

A study released today by Markit has shown that the decline of finances experienced by UK households appears to be slowing down. The general public still remain cautious about the wellbeing of their finances, but the results in May have shown an improvement,… Read more...

Research Uncovers Slack London Broadband Speeds Still Present

22nd June 2012 15:01 - Information Technology

A new survey of internet users by has found that some areas of the capital are still struggling with slow broadband connections. The study was based on 150,000 speed tests in the past 12 months. Lewisham has ranked as the slowest area for internet… Read more...

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