Market Research RSS Feeds Research RSS FeedsSun, 22 Apr 2018 07:42:54 BST Jenna Allen, Research Director joins DJS Research! We are really pleased to announce that Jenna Allen has joined us from BMG Research. Jenna brings with her a total of 17 years of research experience and joins the company as a Research Director. Rise of the machines: Adopting AI and its impact on skills in the research industry Aura Awards :: DJS Research Nominated for Trusted Partner Aura Award Reflections, projections and watery proclamations: A review of the 2018 Utility Week Water Customer conference 2017 DJS Research Annual Review MRS Customer Summit 2017: A great day out, even better than being in an audience for ITV’s Loose Women We now have an office in Yorkshire, Leeds! Ensuring research taps into a wider demand :: How insight can help understand needs of customers in vulnerable circumstances The inaugural MRS Utilities Conference took place in London on the 21st September, and DJS Research sent a team of five to take in the day’s events – we even had a speaking slot, too. Matt Prince, one of our Research Managers who specialises in utilities research, penned his thoughts on the day… CCWater has commissioned DJS Research for their annual Water Matters survey Understanding issues of customer vulnerability and sector priorities in the utilities market: Take part in our survey to receive a copy of the results DJS Research speaks alongside Yorkshire Water at MRS Utilities Research Conference Igniting insights for Inenco DJS Research complete Tough Mudder course to raise money for Mind DJS Research adds Simon Driver to senior team DJS Research adds another decade of research experience, after hiring Simon Driver as Research Director. Inspiring young people through market research DJS Research are proud to announce their new Charity of the Year Four new starters arrive at DJS Research! Four new starters arrive at DJS Research! We Are Nominated As a “One to Watch Agency” by The Market Research Society 2016 DJS Research Annual Review DJS Research celebrates 11 years of double digit growth SINCE inception, (2001), DJS Research, has organically grown every year and has achieved a double-digit growth for the past 11 years. Market research panels paid A market research panel is a group of people who have all signed up to take part in market research, such as surveys, focus groups, etc. Online focus groups Online focus groups are a based on the principles of the traditional focus group research method however they are conducted online, allowing for a dispersed geographic spread which is normally not possible with a face to face focus group. Paid focus groups Focus groups are a research method which involves the use of participants in a roundtable-like discussion where opinions can be expressed regarding a certain product or service. This can then be used to make almost immediate adjustments. Paid survey sites Survey sites can provide a great introductory way to make money online and is usually a more immediate way of generating income compared to other online money-making methods. Paid surveys at home The way in which participants complete surveys has changed with the growth in technology. Traditional methods used to include postal surveys and face to face surveys completed on location with little incentive. Get paid to do surveys Earning extra cash for surveys is probably one of the most common forms of making easy money. Paid research studies Paid research studies come in many forms from incentivised online surveys to paid clinical trials. They are designed as a way to gauge the market and for companies to ensure they are targeting the right audiences and testing the effectiveness of their products. Get paid for online surveys Over the past few years, businesses have started to utilise surveys in various different formats and offer payments to the people that wish to take part. Take surveys for money Surveys are not just done on a free basis, businesses have started to recognise the importance of customer opinions and are now offering money incentives to participate. Get paid for surveys  Answering a few questions has not been easier – especially when you can get paid for participating in surveys. Get paid to take surveys There are lots of easy ways to make money, but getting paid to take part in surveys is by far the easiest. Online surveys for money are now able to complete surveys online for cash incentives. It has become a lucrative market with many companies enticing participants with the reward of ‘getting paid’ for completing surveys online. Paid Online Surveys Paid online surveys are becoming more prevalent in the emerging era of information technology that we live in today. Online surveys are hosted via the internet with the promise of a paid incentive in return for completion of the survey. They yield a greater scale of response, as they are much more accessible and distributable compared to traditions survey methods. Paid Surveys Paid surveys are an incentivised form of statistical survey where participants are compensated for their partaking and completion of a survey. The payment usually comes in the form of a cash incentive and can involve both qualitative and quantitative methods. Pet Market Research In market research, pet market research includes research with pet owners, pet retail firms, pet brands and pet charities, across both the private and third sector. This can include anyone who owns a pet, whether it a cat, dog, or horse, to those that work with animals or sell products retailed to pets and their owners. Paid Market Research Paid Market Research is sometimes offered as a thank you for participating in research projects. Consumer Panel Research Consumer panel research refers to a market research methodology which utilises consumer panels in order to quickly and efficiently understand the prevailing views of a group - whether that be a specific group of consumers (such as over-50s), consumers in a geographic location or members of more specific group. Although members of a 'panel', those in the latter group would often be referred to as a specific panel type; for instance, VoicED is a teacher panel owned and operated by DJS Research and only accepts teachers and education professionals, and we also have our own insight panel for consumers and other respondents which you can sign up to if you wish. Value Assessment Research Value Assessment Research allows companies to assess the worth of a new product or service before it is introduced to the market. By conducting this type of research, companies can gauge whether or not there is a) a need for the product and b) a demand for the product. Long-term, Value Assessment Research can potentially save companies vast amounts of money and face by declaring whether or not a product or service is marketable, before it hits the shelves. Brand Auditing Market Research Brand Auditing Market Research has several instrumental benefits to companies, it: Blind Use Testing Blind Use Testing is when certain information or aspects of a product are kept concealed from the tester to ensure there is no bias in their reporting. 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