Market Research RSS Feeds Research RSS FeedsSat, 21 Oct 2017 20:20:12 BST We now have an office in Yorkshire, Leeds! Ensuring research taps into a wider demand :: How insight can help understand needs of customers in vulnerable circumstances The inaugural MRS Utilities Conference took place in London on the 21st September, and DJS Research sent a team of five to take in the day’s events – we even had a speaking slot, too. Matt Prince, one of our Research Managers who specialises in utilities research, penned his thoughts on the day… CCWater has commissioned DJS Research for their annual Water Matters survey Understanding issues of customer vulnerability and sector priorities in the utilities market: Take part in our survey to receive a copy of the results DJS Research speaks alongside Yorkshire Water at MRS Utilities Research Conference Igniting insights for Inenco DJS Research complete Tough Mudder course to raise money for Mind DJS Research adds Simon Driver to senior team DJS Research adds another decade of research experience, after hiring Simon Driver as Research Director. Inspiring young people through market research DJS Research are proud to announce their new Charity of the Year Four new starters arrive at DJS Research! Four new starters arrive at DJS Research! We Are Nominated As a “One to Watch Agency” by The Market Research Society 2016 DJS Research Annual Review DJS Research celebrates 11 years of double digit growth SINCE inception, (2001), DJS Research, has organically grown every year and has achieved a double-digit growth for the past 11 years. I Love Manchester: DJS Research runs the Great Manchester 10K for Manchester Hospitals I ♥ Manchester: DJS Research runs the Great Manchester 10K for Manchester Hospitals. The Future of Business-to-Business Research Human after all… We are tackling a research project on behalf of Leicester City Football Club We are tackling a research project on behalf of Leicester City Football Club: We are thrilled to announce that we have been selected to conduct a market research project on behalf of Leicester City Football Club – a football club very close to our Managing Director, Danny Sims’ heart! Considering a career in Market Research? Read this! An entirely tongue-in-cheek look at rejection in the research industry Pet Market Research In market research, pet market research includes research with pet owners, pet retail firms, pet brands and pet charities, across both the private and third sector. This can include anyone who owns a pet, whether it a cat, dog, or horse, to those that work with animals or sell products retailed to pets and their owners. Paid Market Research Paid Market Research is sometimes offered as a thank you for participating in research projects. Consumer Panel Research Consumer panel research refers to a market research methodology which utilises consumer panels in order to quickly and efficiently understand the prevailing views of a group - whether that be a specific group of consumers (such as over-50s), consumers in a geographic location or members of more specific group. Although members of a 'panel', those in the latter group would often be referred to as a specific panel type; for instance, VoicED is a teacher panel owned and operated by DJS Research and only accepts teachers and education professionals, and we also have our own insight panel for consumers and other respondents which you can sign up to if you wish. Value Assessment Research Value Assessment Research allows companies to assess the worth of a new product or service before it is introduced to the market. By conducting this type of research, companies can gauge whether or not there is a) a need for the product and b) a demand for the product. Long-term, Value Assessment Research can potentially save companies vast amounts of money and face by declaring whether or not a product or service is marketable, before it hits the shelves. Brand Auditing Market Research Brand Auditing Market Research has several instrumental benefits to companies, it: Blind Use Testing Blind Use Testing is when certain information or aspects of a product are kept concealed from the tester to ensure there is no bias in their reporting. Accompanied Shopping Trips In our experience, one of the most effective ways of understanding a consumer’s buying behaviour is to accompany them on a shopping trip – something we call "Accompanied Shopping Trips". Attitudinal Segmentation Attitudinal segmentation is when companies target their customer groups based on a set of shared attitudes they hold. Conducting this kind of segmentation allows you to understand existing and potential customers in more detail. Brand Differentiation Brand differentiation is a process undertaken by companies who seek to ensure their brand stands out from their competitions’. By singling out unique qualities your product offers and promoting them in a way that best targets your consumers, you are likely to gain a competitive advantage over your rivals, which, in turn, should equate to increased market share. New Concept Development New Concept Development refers to the process of bringing a new product or idea into a market. There are two branches of New Concept Development – the first involves coming up with the idea, designing the product and engineering the detail, and the second involves extensive market research and marketing analysis. Customer Profiling Customer Profiling is a method used to get an accurate understanding of your consumers to help you make informed, beneficial decisions to your company’s strategy. Customer profiling involves breaking your overall customer-base down into sub-groups who share similar goals and characteristics, so that each division can be appropriately targeted and tailored towards. International Segmentation There are three types of international segmentation – global, regional and unique. Global segmentation is used when there is a group of consumers with common needs that cross national borders; regional segmentation is required when the similarity of consumers’ needs and preferences only spans across the region or several countries, and unique segmentation is when consumer preferences are localised to a single country. Laddering Market Research Laddering is a qualitative market research method used to understand the reasons behind why people buy and use certain products and services. Laddering aims to go beyond pure functional reasons why people do things and identify the impact that this reason has personally on the audience – tapping into their personal values. Market Entry and Market Sizing Research Market Entry and Market Sizing research is conducted before entering a new market, expanding within an existing market or releasing a new product. Market Entry and Market Sizing is essential in order for you to understand the size of the market you are venturing into and how much total revenue is available in that market. Conducting this type of research, in essence, aims to reduce the likelihood of any possible implications that may arise from your new investment. Pen Portraits Pen portraits stem from telephone surveys, where participants are asked if they are willing to take part in further research and, if so, their contact and profiling details are captured. Point of Sale Market Research Point of Sale is essentially when customers and products first come into contact, whether it’s in-store, online, in a catalogue, on a banner or through an app – the same rules apply. Device Agnostic Surveys How have we made our surveys device agnostic? Accessibility of Surveys How have we made our surveys accessible? Multi-Browser Testing for Surveys How have we used multi-browser testing within our survey design? Automotive Industry Market Research Automotive industry market research can be undertaken both on behalf of and with regards to the automotive industry. Automotive industry market research is not bound to a specific research method, with research agencies researching the sector through a variety of quantitative and qualitative research methods. 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