68% of BAME charity staff have seen, heard or experienced racism, reveals survey

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2nd July 2020 11:24 - Voluntary

68% of BAME charity staff have seen, heard or experienced racism: A survey of  Black, Asian and Minoritised Ethnic (BAME) people working for charities has revealed that over two-thirds have heard about, seen, or experienced racism during their time working in the sector. 

The survey by ACEVO and Voice4Change polled 493 BAME people for the research, as well as undertaking 24 in-depth interviews with charity leaders (including two BAME) and 11 BAME staff. It formed part of the report:  Home Truths: Undoing racism and delivering real diversity in the charity sector, which is the final report in AVECO’s Making Diversity Count project. 

The online survey revealed that half the respondents polled (50%) said they felt the need to ‘tone down’ their behaviour or ‘be on their best behaviour’ in order to ‘fit in’ in the charity sector. 

Looking at direct experiences of racism within the sector, 222 people out of 489 (45.4%) said they had been questioned insensitively about their culture or religion by others, while 147 people (30%) said they had been treated as an intellectual inferior. 

Almost a quarter of respondents (23.3% - or 114 people) said they have experienced scrutiny or excessive surveillance by colleagues, managers and supervisors, with 116 people reporting that such experiences have had a negative, or very negative impact on their health and /or emotional wellbeing. 

Other respondents polled (19.2%) said that their experiences of racism within the charity sector have impacted their desired career path in a negative or very negative way. 

The full report is available here: www.acevo.org.uk

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