Market Research Finds Young Children Increasingly Using Gadgets

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15th March 2012 16:37 - Education

A survey of 2,000 parents commissioned by Leapfrog has uncovered the technology usage of British children aged ten and under.

The market research showed that UK kids spend 58 minutes a day at home using gadgets, with 63% owning a camera, gaming or mobile device and 6% of these owning a personal tablet.

In addition, 70% of children regularly play with their parents’ laptop or desktop computer, and more than 16% have their own computer.

The research also showed that parental attitudes towards technology are changing - 50% of the British families surveyed said they use technology at home as a means of bringing everyone closer together.

Accessing entertainment using gadgets came out top in the home at 48%. This was followed by educational apps at 39% - almost 29% of parents see technology as a key part of their child’s education and development.

Online safety for children continues to be a concern for parents however – 38% of respondents worry that many gadgets are not age appropriate, while 26% worry about online grooming and 10% are concerned about their child being subjected to cyber bullying.

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