A fifth of people polled in UK survey say they no longer post photos without editing them first

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13th August 2021 14:06 - Media and PR

A fifth of people polled in UK survey say they no longer post photos without editing them first: A survey of more than 2,000 people in the UK has revealed that a fifth of the participants polled no longer post a photograph online without editing it first, while almost a quarter said that using filters has clouded their perception of what they actually look like filter-free.

The poll by cosmetic clinic, Uvence, questioned 2,069 people about their use of photographic editing tools and apps, seeking to learn more about why they are so reliant on doing so.

The research also found that for almost a quarter of people (23%), the use of filters is so commonplace that they are actually shocked by their unedited face when they see it. Furthermore, over a third of survey participants said they prefer their filtered face to their real, unedited face.

It's not surprising that since technology with the capabilities to alter appearances has become so widespread, 30% of respondents report that it has affected their self-esteem.

Asked about the reasons they apply a filter to photographs of themselves, 38% said it is to improve the texture of their skin, removing blemishes and wrinkles.

The research comes after it was announced that laws are to be passed in Norway to force influencers to declare any image editing that has taken place when they post to social media.

In a separate study by researchers in New Jersey, it has been found that posting selfies with a filter applied will lead to fewer 'likes' on social media. Dr Seoyeon Hong who was involved with the study said: "The number of likes was lower for selfies posted with filters, such as stickers or excessive use of colour filters compared to selfies without such filters."

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