34% of Brits said they would feel 'comfortable' visiting an indoor museum or exhibition post lockdown, according to poll

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23rd July 2020 12:26 - Museums, Libraries and Archives

34% of Brits said they would feel 'comfortable' visiting an indoor museum or exhibition post lockdown: A survey asking British adults about their comfort levels in resuming 'normal' activities post lockdown has found that just over a third (34%) would feel 'fairly' or 'very' comfortable going to an indoor exhibition or museum.

The research by Ipsos Mori polled 1,078 people in June (26-29th) and asked respondents to rate their comfort levels around activities such as indoor shopping, going to the theatre, and eating out, as well as meeting with people outside of their household and going back to work. 

Despite just a third of people saying they would feel as comfortable as they did pre-lockdown returning to museums and galleries, this activity ranked mid-table, with comfort levels higher than they were for returning to bars and restaurants (29%).

Just over a quarter (27%) said they were comfortable with using public toilets at the same level as pre-lockdown, while 25% said they would feel comfortable using public transport. A similar percentage said they would be happy taking holidays abroad  in the same way as they would have before the pandemic (24%), while the survey also asked about places of worship (21%), going to gyms and swimming pools (20%) and large public gatherings such as sporting and music events (15%). 

What Brits feel most comfortable with 

Meeting friends and family was the activity most people surveyed felt the most comfortable with (67%), followed by going to see their GP for a non Covid related issue (58%). Shopping at the supermarket ranked third (55%), while going to a place of work (52%), shopping in other shops (51%) and staying overnight at a friend or family member's home (50%) were high up the list. 

Almost half (49%) said they feel comfortable sending children to school, while 44% said they would be comfortable taking a UK holiday. 

Visiting the hairdressers divided respondents with 40% saying they would feel 'fairly' or 'very' comfortable and 40% saying they would feel 'not very' or 'very' comfortable. 

* The survey took place between 24th - 26th June just before restrictions were lifted for museums on July 4 

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