Almost nine in ten artists want the UK government to bring in safeguards and regulations around AI, survey finds

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26th April 2024 12:25 - Museums, Libraries and Archives

Almost nine in ten artists want the UK government to bring in safeguards and regulations around AI: Eighty-nine per cent of artists in the UK feel the government need to bring in safeguards and regulations around artificial intelligence, with 69% of respondents having concerns about their style being mimicked by AI-generated artwork.

The survey was conducted by DACS, a not-for-profit organisation which protects and manages the rights of artists. The survey, conducted using Survey Monkey, was sent out through DACS’ mailing list and social media channels. One thousand responses were gathered in total, 94.2% of these were artists – the remaining 5.8% were artists’ representatives or beneficiaries.

The results showed that almost three-quarters (74%) of artists are concerned about their work being used to train AI models. AI model training involves feeding the algorithm data, examining the results, and tweaking the model output to increase accuracy and efficacy, 96% stated they hadn’t permitted AI models to be trained using their work. However, 84% of respondents would sign up for a licensing mechanism to be paid when their work is used by AI.

The survey also found concerns about AI impacting jobs and opportunities for artists, with 77% of respondents agreeing or strongly agreeing that artificial intelligence will replace jobs and opportunities in the future, with some saying it will be in the next 2-3 years. Many artists feel they cannot capitalize on the benefits AI can bring to the art world, with 31% of artists saying the lack of skills and training is a barrier to using AI in their work.

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