Cultural engagement has risen in Scotland, survey reveals

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3rd October 2018 15:44 - Museums, Libraries and Archives

Cultural engagement has risen in Scotland: The number of people enjoying a cultural experience such as visiting an art gallery, a museum, or attending a cultural event in the last five years has risen to 84 percent, up from 78% in 2012.
Overall, a significant nine out of ten people (93%) in Scotland participated in or attended a cultural event or activity in 2017. 

Attendance at cultural events in Scotland

The Scottish Household Survey has found that attendance for museums, live music events, cinemas, theatres, libraries and museums has experienced growth of 6 percentage points since data was last collected in 2012. 
However, if cinema attendances are omitted, the figures are a little lower with cultural engagement up from 70% to 77% in the past five years.
Historical and archaeological sites have seen the largest growth in attendance up from 28 percent to 35 percent since 2012. Museum attendance has increased from 29 percent to 33 percent, while live music events have seen a small increase in attendance up from 30 percent to 33 percent.
Attendance at libraries was the only area that has experienced a marginal downturn from 30 percent in 2012 to 29 percent in 2017. 
Participating in cultural activities in Scotland   
When it comes to actively participating in the arts, there has been no change in half a decade, with the number of people taking part in cultural activity still at 78 percent. 
Of all the activities that make up cultural participation, ‘reading’ was the activity that people engaged in above any other with 65 percent saying they had read for pleasure in the past twelve months. 
Again, if this activity was omitted, the number of people participating in cultural activities drops 11 percentage points to 54 percent –  although it is still up from 48 percent in 2012. 
The study also revealed people who held degrees or a similar qualification were more likely to engage with the arts as well as finding women were more likely to participate than men (83 percent compared to 73 percent). 
Not being interested was the reason given most frequently given by respondents for not engaging with cultural activities. 

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