New poll reveals public opinions on Hereford Museum

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4th December 2017 16:00 - Museums, Libraries and Archives

New poll reveals public opinions on Hereford Museum:

New poll reveals public opinions on Hereford Museum: Following Hereford City Council’s plans to spend £75,000 on a new display area for their museum, an online poll was conducted to ask locals their thoughts on the new plans.

Out of 201 participants, the poll revealed that one third of those surveyed said they would be interested to see the artefacts and believed that visitors would also be interested. However, around three fifths (62%) disagreed as they claimed that they were not really interested; the remaining had no opinion.  

In comparison, over three quarters (11) of city councillors voted in favour of the new project to showcase the city’s silver and charters, as currently the artefacts are difficult to access and viewings can only be made via appointment.

The project is expected to be completed in the spring of 2018 and will showcase historic items such as ‘The Mourning Sword’ – said to be presented to the city by Henry VIII, along with other artefacts that date back to 1189.

It is said that the new project is to allow the city’s artefacts to become more accessible to the public, with the council stating: These treasures should be accessible to all; every school trip, every tour party and every group who visit the town hall should be able to see the city's fascinating collection."

With the obvious hope to increase tourism, in general the availability of museums not only allows the public to appreciate heritage and cultures at first-hand, but also initiates positive teaching strategies as further research has found that learning outside the classroom makes lessons more memorable and motivates young people to learn. 

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