Recent survey reveals an increasing number of people are turning away from religion

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27th June 2016 17:28 - Museums, Libraries and Archives

New survey data has shown that individuals following the Christian faith are readily being outnumbered by those supporting non-religious beliefs with England and Wales being the lowest in numbers.  Northern Ireland was found to be the most religious in the UK, however figures are depleting there also.Recent survey reveals an increasing number of people are turning away from religion

The census, carried out in 2011, reported that  individuals who stated that they held ‘no religion’ stood at 10.1%  whilst those opting for ‘not stated’ came in at 6.8%; although this does not take into consideration the people with non-religious views who chose a religion purely based on cultural reasons.  The numbers of people attending church are also in decline from two thirds of adults frequenting in the 1960’s to around one third nowadays.

It has also been noted that the most secular regions – Australia, Japan, The Netherlands and Scandinavia – are thriving in a multitude of areas of well-being; religious states, however – the Philippines, Pakistan and Colombia - are not doing as well.  

In the yearly Global Peace Index, issued by the Institute for Economics and Peace, it was reported that the most secular places, namely Finland, Denmark and Iceland are also ranked as the most peaceful and harmonious places in the world. The most religious areas however – South Sudan, Afghanistan and Syrian – also tended to be less tranquil.

Crime rates are also stated to be at a lower level in secular countries. Countries such as Sweden and Denmark possess some of the lowest rates of violent crime and corruption with murder rates also being lesser than more religious areas.

In conjunction with these findings the foundation Save The Children, released its yearly Mother’s Index which quoted that the best places on earth to be are mother are often the most secular and the most faithful to their beliefs the least favourable.

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