Survey finds 7 per cent less spent on museums by local authorities

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19th October 2015 11:22 - Museums, Libraries and Archives

A recent survey by Arts Council England has revealed that the amount of money spent on museums by local authorities has fallen by 7 per Survey finds 7 per cent less spent on museum by local authoritiescent between 2003-04 and 2013-14.

The recently released report revealed that the amount of money spent on wider culture and related services has decreased by 10 per cent during the same 10 year period.

However, the research suggested that museums and galleries had been sheltered from spending cuts, although with the on-going austerity measures, it is not likely that they will be protected further down the line.

The research also revealed that responses to budget cuts should be altered to fit local circumstances, the size of the museum service, its capabilities and necessities. The report also claimed that an entrepreneurial culture and proactive management/leadership were paramount to future endurance.

According to the findings, museums that do well within a local authority environment frequently marry the activities with the council’s priorities. The museum service should take responsibility for findings a link to the council’s agenda and the museum.

The report concluded that skills present a barrier to change, suggesting that traditional approaches to working are not incompatible with chances to management structures, governance and the business model of the authority. If museum are to successfully create resilient service, active workforce planning is vital.

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