Survey finds museum cafes are not serving children vegetables

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10th November 2016 15:25 - Museums, Libraries and Archives

Survey finds museum cafes are not serving children vegetables: The findings of a recent survey by The Soil Association have revealed that many museum cafes are serving children unhealthy lunches and bypassing vegetables.Survey finds museum cafes are not serving children vegetables

The charity’s research discovered that lunchboxes sold by the Natural History Museum and the British Museum were some of the worst meals served by any tourist attraction in the United Kingdom, as they were found to be packed full of processed food and sugar. Parents who visited the museums said that they had been disappointed that children’s meals did not contain any vegetables.

As part of the research, secret diners visited the museum cafes and asked the chef whether they could add a portion of vegetables to a children’s meal. The secret diners were told that this would not be possible.

Further to this, parents also found it difficult to locate free, fresh drinking water and also said that healthy snacks were not available in the museum’s shop, only sweets.

Some parents reported similar experiences when they visited the British Museum, whereby there was also a lack of vegetables or salad in children’s lunchboxes. The parents also said that they found it difficult to locate free, fresh drinking water within the museum.

At London Zoo, one lunchbox was found to contain up to 36g of sugar, which is the equivalent to 189% of a child’s daily sugar allowance.

A total of 75 per cent of children’s lunchboxes sold at popular UK tourist attractions did not include any salad or vegetable options. Of the lunches, 50 per cent offered muffins, sweet treats and cakes but no fresh fruit.

The researchers found a correlation between price and healthiness, with the children’s meals at the top five healthiest attractions costing more than £1 more than those in the bottom five.

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