Survey finds parents worry faith will alienate their children

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28th November 2016 13:20 - Museums, Libraries and Archives

Survey finds parents worry faith will alienate their children: A recent survey about religion has revealed that approximately 23 per cent of religious parents in Britain are worried that their children will be socially alienated at school if their beliefs are passed on to them.Survey finds parents worry faith will alienate their children

The researchers questioned 1,013 parents, 458 of whom were Christian, 113 were from ‘other’ religions, and a further 423 said that they were atheist.

The survey also revealed that 31 per cent of parents were worried about whether or not their offspring would grow up to hold the same religious beliefs as them. This figure increased to 36 per cent of parents who said that they were Christian. However, 18 per cent of the parents in the survey said that they did not believe that it was their role as a parent to pass on their religious beliefs to their children.

Of the parents in the survey, 50 per cent said that they felt confident speaking with their children about the topic of religion; however, only 40 per cent had actually spoken with their children about their faith.

26 per cent of the survey respondents said that they worried that their children may ask questions that they would not be able to answer.

The survey found that parents were also worried about social media’s effect on their children’s faith, with 34 per cent admitting that they believed that social would have a bigger impact on their children’s beliefs than their input.

Separate figures revealed that just 1.4 per cent of the population in England go to Anglican Church services every Sunday. As well as this, mid-week Church services have fallen below one million for the first time.

A survey conducted last year revealed that Britain is one the least religious countries in the world.

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