Survey finds under 30s visit museums and galleries to de-stress

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31st January 2019 14:30 - Museums, Libraries and Archives

Survey finds under 30s visit museums and galleries to de-stress: People under the age of thirty are twice as likely to go to a gallery or museum at least once a month to combat stress as those who are over. That is according to a survey conducted by national charity, Art Fund.

The charity's Calm and Collected report was commissioned to look at how people can benefit in terms of their overall wellbeing by regularly engaging with museums and galleries.  The survey of 2,500 found that those who engaged regularly were more satisfied with their lives.

The report said respondents who regularly attended museums and galleries "report a greater sense of satisfaction with their lives than those who have never visited—as well as a greater sense of their lives and what they do being worthwhile.”

Two-thirds of those polled (67%)  agree that taking time for ourselves is essential for overall wellbeing, however, 27% feel guilty when they do so.

When asked what they like to do to de-stress, 63% said ‘visit a museum or gallery’, however, just under half (49%) said they only do this at least once a year. The study found that only 6% regularly visit a museum or gallery (at least once a month)  - although 51% said they would like to visit more often. 

The study found that general wellbeing was better amongst those who regularly visited galleries or museums than those who never visited. When asked about their life satisfaction, amongst those who visited galleries or museums more than once a month, 64% of respondents said they were satisfied with their lives, compared to 49% of those who have never visited.

The report says in its executive summary that: "Overall, both the quantitative survey and the qualitative social study suggest that museums and galleries are a significant untapped resource at our disposal that can help us achieve a greater sense of wellbeing when we take time out for ourselves."

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