Research regarding BAME coaches helped implement new Rooney Rule

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11th January 2018 17:17 - Sport, Leisure and Tourism

Research regarding BAME coaches helped implement new Rooney Rule

Research regarding BAME coaches helped implement new Rooney Rule: According to the BBC, the Football Association (FA) has announced its plans to adopt their own version of the Rooney Rule in January to further represent Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) coaches.

Originally implemented by the National Football League (NFL) in 2003, the Rooney Rule, named after Dan Rooney (former Pittsburgh Steelers’ president), came into force due to the lack of diversity in American Football. 

The results of a recent report entitled, ‘Ethnic minorities and coaching in elite football in England: 2017 update’, revealed the lack of BAME coaches in employment in six identifiable positions at 92 professional clubs.

The fourth annual report has been going since 2014 and according to the report, results recorded in September revealed that there was only 22 BAME coaches in senior coaching positions out of 482, accounting for only 4.6% of all senior coaching positions surveyed. 

In addition, jobs that were most likely to be undertaken by BAME coaches, based on the positions with the highest amount of BAME coaches, are as follows:

1.    Senior Professional Development Squad Lead Coach (under 23s/21s)

2.    First team Coach

3.    Professional Development Squad Lead Coach (under 18s)

4.    Academy Director

5.    First Team Manager & Assistant Manager

Following the current representation of BAME coaches on the UK, the rule has now been adopted by the FA for the next 18 months and requires league teams to interview at least one BAME coach for head or senior coaching positions from youth level upwards.

Commenting on the FA’s recent development, chief executive, Martin Glenn said: "The FA wants to become a more inclusive organisation where the workforce more represents the people who play football today."

He adds: "What it will say is the opportunity to have a career beyond playing is something that the FA is serious about promoting."

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