46% of logistic and coach businesses are satisfied with England’s motorways and major roads, finds survey

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31st May 2022 12:37 - Transport and Distribution

46% of logistic and coach businesses are satisfied with England’s motorways and major roads: A satisfaction survey by Transport Focus of logistics and coach businesses has found that fewer than half (46%) are satisfied with England’s motorways and major ‘A’ roads when it comes to meeting their business needs, with just 4% saying they were 'very satisfied'.

Around a fifth said they were 'fairly dissatisfied' (19%), whilst one in 20 (6%) were 'very dissatisfied'. Three in 10 said they were neither satisfied or dissatisfied (29%).

The survey polled 1,376 vehicle managers in total; the majority of which used the strategic road network at least once a week. The findings were based on three survey waves during 2021-22.

Respondents who were responsible for route planning (87%), were also asked to rate the information available to them ahead of journeys, with 46% saying the information they had to plan routes was ‘good’, while 17% said it was ‘poor’.

While 43% said the information available to help them estimate journey times was 'good’, 22% said it was ‘poor’, with 35% saying it was ‘neither good nor poor’.

Almost a third of respondents (32%) said that the information available to them to tell them when roadworks would close roads completely was 'good', with 37% reporting it is 'poor', while information to help them to estimate the extra journey time due to roadworks was rated 'good' by just a quarter of respondents (25%) and two-fifths rating it as 'poor' (41%),

Finally, around one in five (20%) said information avialable on how suitable diversion routes would be for lorries was 'good', with 49% saying it was ‘poor’, and 31% ‘neither good nor poor’.

The majority of route planners (around four in five) map out their routes on the day of travel or a few days before, found the research, with around two-thirds of freight managers using internal planning systems as part of the way they plan routes.

Overall satisfaction with the network

When asked what drives overall satisfaction with the network the top answers given were 'How National Highways manages the network' (22%) and 'route planning information' (22%). This was followed by 'on the say information', 'road surface' (16%), 'accident handling' (15%) and 'rest stops'(10%).

Satisfaction with facilities was very low, found the research, with just 9% rating their value for money as 'good'. When asked about the quality of facilities for drivers, just 15% said they were 'good' with 68% rating them as 'poor'. Availability of spaces for lorries, buses or coaches was also rated as ‘poor’ (62%), with just 18% saying they were 'good'.

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