47 per cent of drivers are delayed by traffic accidents once a month

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9th March 2015 16:08 - Transport and Distribution

A recent survey by Driver First Assist, a road safety scheme which aims to decrease deaths on the roads by training people on how to respond47 per cent of drivers are delayed by traffic accidents once a month when first-on-scene at an accident, has found that nearly half (47 per cent) of commercial automotive drivers are delayed by traffic accidents once a month.

Similarly, 28 per cent of the respondents claimed that they were held up by traffic accidents three to five days a month.

Of the respondents who claimed to be held up by accidents, 44 per cent said that they were delayed between half an hour and an hour.

Every year approximately 138,000 accidents are reported on UK roads.

If just one commercial driver on the way to work, is delayed at every incident reported, the average time lost is around 103,000 hours per year.

Of the respondents who were delayed as a result of a traffic accident, 2 in 5 felt pressured to make up the time they lost. Of the respondents who felt pressured to make up time, 17 per cent claimed that the pressure came from their employer or client, and 3 in 10 said that they put the pressure on themselves.

Driver First Assist claim that if professional drivers were taught how to help on the scene of an accident, the amount of deaths resulting from traffic accidents could be reduced by 46 per cent.

As well as fewer deaths, scenes of accidents would be cleared quicker; meaning drivers wouldn’t be delayed for as long.

The respondents were also asked: ‘if those who have completed the DFA course are able to help open roads quicker and reduce delays, would you consider taking the training course to be a DFA member?’ More than three quarters (76 per cent) said that they would take the course.

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