58% of consumers would be open to using smart tickets when travelling by train, finds survey

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21st March 2022 16:36 - Transport and Distribution

58% of consumers would be open to using smart tickets when travelling by train: A survey of consumers has revealed that more than half (58%) would be happy to travel by train using a smart ticket after learning more about them.

A smart ticket can be loaded onto a mobile phone, a smartcard, or be printed at home, making them quick and convenient for travellers and reducing the need to buy a paper alternative from a station.

The survey was conducted by Govia Thamselink Railway (GTR) and found that 59% of consumers were not in the know about smart tickets and so were not versed on their many benefits.

The operator which runs Southern, Great Northern and Thamselink Trains also found that unsurprisingly, younger people were the most interested in swapping their paper tickets for smart alternatives once they were given more information about them. A sizeable 84% of 16- to 24-year-olds said they would consider travelling more frequently by train after learning more about the benefits of smart tickets.

The survey found that more than a third (35%) of customers agreed that smart tickets would make travelling more straightforward and prevent the panic that may come with losing paper tickets . Almost three in 10 respondents also agreed that smart tickets would guarantee the most cost-effective walk-up train fare when using KeyGo, GTR's Pay as you Go offering

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