66% of British public recognise that trains are a greener form of transport than cars, reveals survey

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24th November 2021 15:57 - Transport and Distribution

66% of British public recognise that trains are a greener form of transport than cars: A recent survey by Network Rail has revealed that two-thirds of British adults understand that trains are a better form of transport, than cars, for the environment. However, it was also uncovered that 73% use cars as their main mode of transport.
The study polled over 2,000 British adults ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow earlier this year, and found that cars are more commonly used by UK citizens than trains; despite trains being more environmentally friendly.
It has been proven that the carbon emissions emitted from a train are less harmful to the environment than the emissions from a car. Furthermore, the cost to maintain and run a car is increasing with fuel costs rising considerably.
The number of people who said they had used public transport, and specifically the railways has fallen significantly since the start of 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the research, total passenger numbers were at around 65% of what they were pre-pandemic. However, passenger numbers had increased by 19% in the months prior to the conference, according to the research, with incentives such as flexible season tickets attracting people back to rail travel.
When asked about if their habits could change, two thirds of participants said they would consider using trains instead of their cars for days out with friends or family. Furthermore, 55% would consider using the train in order to travel to music and sport events.
Tim Shoveller, managing director for Network Rail’s North West and Central region, said: “Rail is the greenest form of public transport there is. We want to encourage as many people as possible to make the shift from car to train more regularly, particularly for long-distance travel – not just for the planet, but for reliability, comfort and safety.”

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