82% of Londoners have changed or plan to change how they travel through the city in response to new ULEZ charges

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2nd May 2019 13:11 - Transport and Distribution

82% of Londoners have changed or plan to change how they travel to avoid new ULEZ charges: 

A thousand Londoners were surveyed by Bikesure to find out if they had made any changes in preparation for the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ELEZ) being introduced around the centre of London.

Bikesure’s survey found that 82% of Londoners have changed or plan to change their mode of transport in response to the introduction of the ULEZ, a scheme to help improve air quality in the capital. 

Not far off a third of Londoners (37%) have already made the switch from their usual transport, and as a result, will not have to pay daily fines if they meet the minimum emission standards, whilst 46% said they were thinking about it. The remaining 18% said they will not change their current transport as a result of ULEZ.

The survey also found that the majority of the people willing to change how they travel are those living in the city centre. This is where the ULEZ is being introduced first, with plans to expand to the North and South Circular roads by autumn 2021.  It found that for 31% of those who dwell in the capital, running their own vehicle in the capital will no longer be a viable option for them due the cost.

As a result of the new scheme, 45% of respondents said that they will now use public transport, with 15% saying they plan to walk more. Fourteen percent (14%) said they will now seek to travel by low-emissions car or van, while 7.3% said they will use a mix of transport modes.

Looking at respondents who already have a motorbike, 56% said they have already changed their transport, with a third (33%) still thinking about whether to change it.

According to the research findings, London will see an increase of 141% in the use of motorcycles (moped, scooter or motorbikes) as respondents swap their current transport for lower emission alternatives. 

Many Londoners agree with the ULEZ incentive and understand the reason the ULEZ is being brought in (47%), whilst others understand it, but don’t want it in the capital (45%).

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