A third of UK adults have travelled by train instead of a plane to their holiday destination to reduce carbon footprint, reveals poll

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11th February 2021 01:49 - Transport and Distribution

A third of UK adults said they have travelled by train instead of a plane to their holiday destination to reduce carbon footprint: A survey has revealed that 32% of respondents polled have chosen to travel by train instead of plane to reach their travel destination, so as to reduce their carbon footprint.

The IET Green Preferences 2020 Survey - Understanding public attitudes to green technology polled 3,337 adults in the UK as well as additional surveying in Australia, China, Germany, India, the UAE and USA.

The top answer given by UK respondents when they were asked about why they chose to travel by train instead of plane was 'the train was more convenient for the location' (50%), followed by 'I thought the train would be a nicer journey' (38%), 'It was a better journey' (38%), and 'the train was cheaper' (32%), making 'to reduce my carbon footprint' the joint fourth place reason why people favoured the train over flying. 

A fifth (20%) said they took the train because they hate airport security (20%), while 13% said they, or someone they were flying with was scared of flying.

Barriers to taking a train 

Respondents were also asked about the barriers to taking a train rather than a plane, with 41% saying that it is too expensive, while 35% said it takes too long.

Just over a quarter said they like to go to a place that you cannot get a plane to - such as islands or long haul (26%), and 17% said they don't want to have to change trains in stations which are abroad.

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