Aerospace Industry Poll Discovers Encouraging Findings

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26th June 2014 16:34 - Transport and Distribution

A poll created to look at how the aerospace industry can improve its fuel efficiency, emissions output and noise levels has shown that over one third of consumer respondents do not think the sector needs any incentives.   

The survey was completed by 338 participants and, when asked how the aerospace industry can best be encouraged to improve fuel efficiency, emissions and noise, 34% said there is no need for incentives because the industry is making huge strides itself to cut operators’ costs.

One in three (30%) thought extra emissions and noise levies should be put on aircrafts to try and encourage them to buy cleaner, quieter airplanes.

Just under one quarter (24%) believe better tax breaks focused on environmental research and development will result in improvements, and 7% think environmental research and development funding should come directly from the public sector.

The remaining 5% of voters were not satisfied with any of the above options.

Airbus, a leading aircraft manufacturer based in France, currently spends over 90% of its environmental research and development investments on co-efficiency. As a result, the A350 XWB now burns 25% less fuel than its previous generation aircraft.

This research was conducted by

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