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12th November 2015 12:21 - Transport and Distribution

In a submission to the Transport Select Committee inquiry into the skills and workforce planning in the road haulage sector, The Freight Call for Government to support logistics apprenticeshipsTransport Association has requested that the Government supports apprenticeships in the logistics industry.

The Transport Select Committee is assessing and investigating the Government’s response to concerns within the logistics industry surrounding the shortage of skilled drivers present within haulage. The Freight Transport Association has estimated that there is a UK-wide shortage within the industry of around 60,000 drivers.

The Freight Transport Association has suggested that the Government should make sure that logistics apprenticeships are in place in the next two years to prompt young people into the haulage industry. The Association has also called on the Government to extend the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan to allow financial support to pay for the acquisition of licences.

In July 2015, The Freight Transport Association’s members took part in a survey which revealed that more than 80 per cent of companies have experienced delays in hiring permanent LGV drivers. Almost one in three of the respondents suggested that they had experienced long delays or were not able to appoint people to fill vacancies. A further two thirds said that they had experienced problems hiring temporary drivers through agencies.

According to The Freight Transport Association, more facilities for drivers should be provided across the road network in the United Kingdom. They also said that local governments should make sure that relevant business and industrial developments include provision for rest areas and LGV parking.

Head of national and Regional Policy at The Freight Transport Association, Christopher Snelling, said of the research findings:

“The Government needs to take urgent action to help the logistics industry tackle the driver shortage and attract younger people to the industry. Effective logistics are vital to the UK economy and it is vital that these issues are addressed before we reach crisis point.”

The Freight Transport Association’s survey revealed that 62 per cent of LGV drivers are aged over 45 which differs to the economy-wide demographics, where the amount of people over 45 in employment stands around 35 per cent. Just 1 per cent employed drivers are aged 25 or younger.

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