Commuting in Europe is as frustrating as moving house, survey discovers

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5th May 2015 16:49 - Transport and Distribution

A new survey of major cities in Europe has found that commuting is more stressful than moving house or going to the dentist.Commuting in Europe is as frustrating as moving house, survey discovers

The survey questioned 5,500 commuters from 5 major cities in Europe. The findings discovered that the most difficult place to travel through is Rome, closely followed by London and Paris.

London was named as the most unpredictable place to travel though, with more people late to work as a result of commuting through the city, than any other destination in the survey. Of the participants in London, 80 per cent said that they were late to work at least one every month as a result of travel delays.

However, of the participants in Berlin, just 49 per cent were late to work once in an average month, as a result of delays in their transport.

To prevent being late for work due to delays, navigating streets and busy carriages, approximately 25 per cent of commuters in London set off half an hour earlier every day, which translates to 5 days of wasted free time every year. However, the respondents who did not rely on public transport and instead walked or cycled did not lose any time by setting off early.

Of the commuters in London, 41 per cent said that their journeys were stressful, with 37 per cent saying that they were becoming more and more uncertain.

Respondents from London and Rome said that commuting was more stressful than planning a holiday, working, moving house, dealing with financial issues or going to the dentist.

Of those in Rome, 60 per cent said that their commute was becoming so uncertain that it was becoming more stressful than the breakdown of a relationship.

Those in Madrid and Paris only agreed that commuting through their city was as frustrating as planning a holiday.

The survey also found that those aged 18 to 34, or those who use multiple public transport services, were the most likely to be stressed, late and set off early.

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