Eight in ten bus users are satisfied with their bus journey, research finds

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17th April 2024 15:27 - Transport and Distribution

Eight in ten bus users are satisfied with their bus journey: New research by Transport Focus has found that 80% of bus users are satisfied with their bus journey, with over 65-year-olds tending to be more satisfied. Out of the eight in ten satisfied bus users, 44% are ‘very’ satisfied.

The findings come from the Transport Focus independent bus user survey ‘Your Bus Journey’. The survey included 34 local transport authority areas and one bus operator in England (outside London). It also included six regional partnerships in Scotland. Transport Focus spoke with passengers on more than 35,000 journeys, asking passengers at bus stops and on buses, resulting in 34,434 participants.

Regarding age, over 65-year-olds were the most pleased with their journeys, with 87% of people in that demographic being satisfied. Younger people, aged 16-25, were the least content with only 76% being satisfied. Eight in ten passengers aged between 26-64 were satisfied and 79% of disabled passengers were satisfied. It was also found that passengers who had a free bus pass tended to be more satisfied than people paying, with free pass customers being 6% more satisfied compared to paying passengers.

Further findings highlighted that 67% of passengers were satisfied with the value for money of their bus journey but only 37% were ‘very’ satisfied. This statistic was based on 21,431 fare-payers across areas in England. Interestingly, the survey showed that those using a single ticket are more likely to be satisfied with value for money (77%), compared to those using a weekly/monthly pass (58%). The results were considerably different across the country – only 55% of people from Brighton and Hove were satisfied with value for money, whilst 87% were satisfied with the East Riding and Yorkshire area fees.

Other factors considered were the journey time, the waiting time, the bus driver, and multiple on-board factors. Nearly half of respondents (48%) were ‘very’ satisfied with the journey time of the bus, with a third being ‘fairly’ satisfied. Sixty-eight per cent were satisfied with the time they had to wait for the bus and 85% were satisfied with the bus driver (only 4% were dissatisfied with the driver on their journey).

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