Female leaders in logistics are rated higher than male counterparts in six key areas, according to survey

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6th November 2020 15:00 - Transport and Distribution

Female leaders in logistics are rated higher than male counterparts in six key areas: A survey of people working in logistics has found that female managers are rated more highly than their male counterparts in six out of seven key areas

The survey by organisational development company Novosensus, asked 1,800 supply chain professionals about their experiences in a range of areas such as leadership and the experience of their managers at work, across shipping, logistics and forwarding industries.

When asked about the quality of team collaboration on a scale of 0 to 100 (0 is 'very poor', while 100 is 'very good'), female managers were rated at 78%, compared to male managers who scored an average of 65%.

When it came to building trust, female managers were rated at 63% (compared to 58% for male managers), and female leaders also scored highly for being empathetic towards staff (63% - compared to 55% of male managers).

Other areas logistics staff were asked to consider included 'giving me clear direction' - where female leaders scored an average of 47% (compared to 40% for their male counterparts); 'giving constructive feedback' - 46% compared to a score of 40% for male leaders; and 'enabling me to feel strong and confident' - 44%, compared to 40% for male leaders.

The only area where male leaders scored more highly was 'giving me more autonomy' - where they were rated 64%. compared to 62% for female managers.

The results are interesting as just 13% of senior logistics leaders are female, according to the research.

When asked about their experiences within the industry, female respondents rated their experiences 10% lower than male respondents did - saying they do not feel like they are treated equally. Similarly, they rated their experience of their managers 19% lower than the male survey participants did.

Henrik Kofod-Hansen, co-founder, Novosensus, said:

“We need to be concrete about accelerating female talent into leadership positions, not with quotas, but by realising the business opportunities in equality, diversity of thought, and inclusive behaviours.”

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