Fleet vehicles being off the road costs companies thousands, survey finds

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28th July 2016 11:27 - Transport and Distribution

Fleet vehicles being off the road costs companies thousands, survey finds: A recent logistics survey by RAC Business has revealed that businesses with HGVs and van fleets in the United Kingdom could potentially be losing more than £7,000 per year through their vehicles being off the roads, due to issues such as breakdowns.Fleet vehicles being off the road costs companies thousands, survey finds

The survey questioned 500 businesses of different sizes, spanning from large corporates to small to medium enterprises (SMEs), to reveal that fleet managers face a variety of challenges when it comes to the costs associated with handling breakdowns and the loss of business.

The market research revealed that 41 per cent of businesses which run commercial vehicles (defined as 3.5 ton vans and up to 44 ton HGVs) face vehicles being off the road at least twice per month. The research also discovered that 1 in 3 (32 per cent) of the individuals in the survey said that the cost to their business is up to £300 per day, meaning that in the worst case scenarios, companies could risk losses of £7,200 each year due to breakdown.

Of the respondents in the survey, 43 per cent said that a quarter (or 1 in 4) breakdowns they come across in their fleet could have been prevented if an issue had been reported sooner.

Matt Dallaway, RAC Truck Rescue Manager, said that having the correct type of breakdown cover in place for a logistics business is vital, as well as any other company which relies on a fleet, and especially if the fleet covers long distances throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

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