Government should prioritise logistics sector, FTA claims

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30th August 2016 10:47 - Transport and Distribution

Government should prioritise logistics sector, FTA claims: Following the publication of the Freight Transport Association’s (FTA) 2016 Logistic Report, the Chief Executive of the Association, David Wells, has called upon the Prime Minister of the UK, Theresa May, to ensure that goods can freely move between the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the world.Government should prioritise logistics sector, FTA claims

In his letter to the PM, Wells suggested that it was vital that the Government secures arrangements which protect the ability to ensure that goods can freely move between our country and overseas.

Alongside his letter, Wells sent May a copy of the Logistics Report, which is an annual document that displays an overview of the difficulties faced by the transport and logistics industry.

Published in May 2016, before Britain voted to leave the European Union, the report stated that the amount of internet shopping increased dramatically in 2015; with the average weekly online spend being estimated at £816m - up 12.4 per cent since the year prior.

The survey unveiled that 64 per cent of the Freight Transport Association’s international members looked at the short-term prospects of their business with pessimism. However, just 50 per cent of the members believed that Brexit would affect their business negatively in the long term.

The Freight Transport Association also revealed the top 10 topics for the logistics sector with regards to Brexit. Within those 10, the following were featured:

  • Access to the single market
  • Border controls
  • Customs arrangements
  • Domestic transport legislation
  • Enforcement of cross border traffic
  • Fuel Duty
  • Global markets
  • Investment in transport

The Association also revealed that Britain’s departure of the EU was anticipated to become a core challenge for the Freight Transport Association’s 15,000+ members who transport goods by rail, road, air and sea.

In July 2016, the Association uncovered that its members from overseas believe that access to the single market at freedom to recruit drivers from outside of the United Kingdom is a priority.

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