Market Research Finds Most Britons Go Into Autopilot after Driving Only 11 Minutes

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29th February 2012 16:33 - Transport and Distribution

According to a poll of 1,003 UK motorists by Esure car insurance, most drivers mentally switch off after just 11 minutes of travel - on average, Britons waste £47.25 a year in petrol due to driving extra miles on autopilot.

Some of the motorists questioned in the study admitted they have even driven to their office instead of their desired destination after going into autopilot. As many as 34% said they had made a journey with no recollection of it upon arrival.

A total of 25% of the respondents claimed they get easily bored while driving, with 22% regularly going into autopilot. Furthermore, 32% said they often changed the radio station or checked their mobile to keep their mind awake on car trips.

The main reasons given for switching off were sleepiness and thinking about work, while 16% of male motorists admitted they went into autopilot when their partner chats to them.

In addition, the market research found that drivers in the north-east areas of Britain are the worst for going into autopilot at the wheel, in contrast to those in the East Midlands who had the best rates of concentration.

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