Market Research Highlights Need for More Investment to Keep Cyclers Safe

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19th September 2012 16:24 - Transport and Distribution

According to a survey by YouGov for, the London Olympics have had a positive impact on the public’s perception of cyclists although this is dampened by safety issues - more than a third of motorists said they have reassessed their previously negative views about cyclists, but many say the activity is not safe on UK roads.

In total, 36% of respondents said the success this summer of British cyclists have improved their enthusiasm for the sport, while 6% claimed they are now spending more time cycling as a result

Nevertheless, one in one in four surveyants still believe that cyclists are a danger to themselves and others, while over a quarter of motorists (26%)  said that Britain’s roads are unsafe for people on bicycles despite investment made to improve conditions as a result of the Games.

One in ten said that while Team GB’s success this summer has given them the inspiration to cycle more, they believe the roads where they live are too dangerous for those on two wheels.’s Commercial Director, Phill Jones, commented: “The onus is on the Government to facilitate cycling for the nation, and it is clear that conditions need to vastly improve before we really see the effects of this on Britain’s roads. To put the problem into context, the Dutch Government invests in the region of £10 - £20 a head to ensure that cyclists feel confident on the roads, compared to under £1 a head in the UK.” 

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