Market Research Measures Levels of Dishonesty amongst UK Drivers

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26th March 2012 14:49 - Transport and Distribution

The Co-Operative Motor Group has recently conducted a survey which shows that many Britons won’t own up if they ding someone’s car on-street, including their friends and family.

A mere 24% of the motorists who took part in the study would tell a friend if they bumped their car on the street where they live. In addition, only 26% would admit to it if they hit a neighbour's vehicle, while only one in eight respondents would own up to causing a ding on a stranger’s vehicle.

Nevertheless, the survey found that honesty amongst UK drivers improved with age, since 72% of the surveyants aged over 55 claimed they would try to locate the vehicle's owner regardless of who they were if a minor prang occurred. In contrast, this figure measured at approximately 40% for motorists aged between 18 and 24.

The market research also discovered that Londoners are the worst at owning up for vehicle infringements, with as many as 22% admitting they would not tell anyone if they had an on-street accident.

Overall, the most honest drivers were found to be in the north-west of England, where only 10.82% said they would not inform anyone of minor accidents.

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