Market Research Reveals Most Irritating Drivers on UK Roads

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8th October 2012 19:20 - Transport and Distribution

The latest survey by car insurance provider Admiral has revealed the most irritating drivers on UK roads, along with how motorcyclists are at a much increased risk of having serious accidents.

Top on the list for those that make motorist’s blood boil are taxis, vans, lorries, 4x4’s, young male drivers, those towing a caravan, tractor drivers and cyclists.

Motorcyclists were only joint tenth (along with bus drivers) in the list of 14 vehicles that car drivers find most annoying, with only 19% of surveyants saying they found them to be an issue. They scored well behind elderly drivers, since 41% of respondents find this demographic irritating.

The market research also discovered that despite not being as vilified as many other road users, motorcyclists are still one of the most at-risk groups on UK roads at present - although they comprise only1% of total traffic in Britain, they include approximately 20% of all fatalities.

In fact current statistics show that motorcycles are around 40% more likely to be involved in fatal accidents than those who drive a car.

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