New survey reveals 82% of road users in England are satisfied

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30th November 2018 16:01 - Transport and Distribution

New survey reveals 82% of road users in England are satisfied: A new survey looking at road user satisfaction has revealed overall, 82% of those using roads in England are either ‘very’ or ‘fairly satisfied’ with their experiences.

The Transport Focus survey polled over 8,000 road users in England and found the most satisfied were in the South West (87%) followed by the North East (86%) Greater London (83%) and the East of the country (82%).

The survey asked questions relating to journey time, road surface quality,  roadworks management and feeling safe.

The results overview

When it comes to feeling safe, 93% overall said they are fairly or very satisfied with how safe they feel on England's roads, with those feeling most safe in the East of England (95%). For the North East, this was 94%, South West, South East and North West scoring 93% followed by 92% in Greater London and the Midlands.

The worst performing area was in ‘roadworks management’ with 65% feeling satisfied overall. The surface quality of roads was given an overall satisfaction rating of 79%, while journey time scored 82%.

When it came to journey time, 47% said they were fairly satisfied, while 35% said they were 'very satisfied' with 77% saying their actual journey time matched their expectation of what it would be. For 15% polled, journeys took longer than expected.

Looking at traffic, 47% felt that traffic was 'moderate' while 31% they encountered 'light' traffic when they made a journey.  For 22% of drivers the traffic was 'heavy' or 'congested' overall.

The survey data is part of an ongoing Strategic Road Users Survey (SRUS) with data updated monthly, now available via the Transport Focus Data Hub. It will focus on various passenger surveys including Bus, National Rail, Tram and Motorway as well as the SRUS.

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