Poll Suggests UK Roads Are In ‘Terrible Condition’

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7th April 2014 11:19 - Transport and Distribution

The AA’s Streetwatch programme, which surveyed almost 23,911 AA members, found that overall road conditions in the UK fell over the winter.

While three-in-ten (29%) respondents reported their local roads in a ‘terrible’ condition in October last year, that figure had risen to two-fifths (40%) by March 2014.

Findings also suggest that, among respondents, a fifth (18%) reported their local roads in ‘excellent’ condition in October, which had fallen to a tenth (11%) by March. Main roads fared no better with a third (34%) rating them as ‘terrible’ compared to a quarter (24%) last October, and those rating them ‘excellent’ fell from a fifth (20%) in October to a tenth (13%).

Motorways too saw satisfaction fall with 41% rating their condition as ‘fair’ before the winter compared to only a third (33%) in March.

Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, said:

"It takes serious damage to justify making an insurance claim but over the first few weeks of 2014, an estimated 1700 private cars have been damaged sufficiently seriously by potholes, to make it worth making a claim… Insurers are taking an average of 173 insurance claims per week, compared with 33 per week over November and December last year.”

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