Report reveals tube journeys take four times as long for those in a wheelchair

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19th April 2016 16:13 - Transport and Distribution

A new report has revealed that journeys on the tube take approximately four times as long for those in wheelchairs than those who are able-bodied.Report reveals tube journeys take four times as long for those in a wheelchair

For those in wheelchairs, the lack of step-free access to the London Underground means that their journey between Paddington to Oxford Circus takes 30 minutes, as opposed to just seven minutes for able-bodied individuals on the Bakerloo line.

Similarly, the report outlines that the journey between Baker Street and Bond Street takes just two minutes on the Jubilee line for abled bodied individuals, in comparison with 33 minutes for disabled people, as Bond Street lacks lifts from the tube platform to the street.

Sulaiman Khan, a 30 year old campaigner who has congenital muscular dystrophy, was involved in a 9 month long research project throughout the UK for Muscular Dystrophy UK Trailblazers — a community of 700 disabled youths from across the United Kingdom.

Khan said of the issue: “It is devastating that young disabled people like me are being held back in life by limited transport options. Living in London I’m better served than most, but I still face daily battles.  I’ve constantly struggled to get to work opportunities and miss out on socialising — parts of London are ‘no-go’ zones for me. We must push for full inclusion — no one should be excluded.”

The report also explores cases of wheelchair users facing abuse from both transport staff and their fellow passengers.

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