Slow drivers frustrate lorry and truck drivers, survey finds

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27th May 2015 11:13 - Transport and Distribution

A recent survey on behalf of Flexed, a car rental company, has discovered that lorry and truck drivers are especially frustrated by slow drivers.Slow drivers frustrate lorry and truck drivers, survey finds

This is because lorries are not able to overtake other vehicles quickly, and they also take time to get their speed back up after having to slow down for another car.

When looking at the motorists in the survey – both HGV drivers and non-HGV drivers – it was found that slow drivers were the biggest cause of frustration.

The survey also found that by not keeping up with the other drivers on the road, slow drivers were actually more of a danger to other motorists than people who speed.

It was found that slow drivers are more likely to be erratic in the way they navigate their vehicle, which has resulted in many motorists calling for a new law to penalise slow drivers in a similar way to those who speed.

Separate research gathered data which indicated that slow drivers put other road users at risk, as they tempt people to execute risky manoeuvres, such as overtaking.

Mark Hall, a spokesperson from Flexed, said of the findings: "We're not saying slow drivers are doing anything illegal and they probably count themselves as some of the safest drivers on the road. However, the fact is they are often over-compensating to the point of driving without due care.

"This is not a witch hunt against slower drivers, but we are suggesting drivers need to be aware of the conditions and drive to them according to whether the weather and road is good or bad."

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