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15th September 2014 12:03 - Transport and Distribution

South Africa offers the cheapest overall public transport, according to GoEuro’s Worldwide Transportation Price Index.

Train, bus and flight information were compared from 51 countries, across five continents. The study analysed the cheapest connections between the two most populous cities in each of the countries, taking into account factors such as distance, scheduling and taxes.

Each country was then ranked based on their average price per 100km for each transportation mode.

South Africa came out top of the lot with the average bus journey costing $3.67/100km, train journey $1.88/100km and flight $11.63/100km. Albania, Malaysia, Thailand and Ukraine occupied the remaining top five places.

At the other end of the spectrum, Switzerland was discovered to be the most expensive country for public transport, charging, on average, $18.67/100km for a bus journey, $38.28/100km for a train journey and $125.07/100km for a flight. Austria, Belgium, Israel and Denmark were the next most expensive nations.

Out of the 51 countries measured, the United Kingdom ranked as the 39th most pricey country for public transport.

Egypt ($1.88/100km), Ukraine ($3.07/100km) and Thailand ($3.11/100km) were the cheapest countries for bus fares, with the Netherlands ($28.58/100km), Austria ($23.45/100km) and Norway ($21.61/100km) the dearest.

Air travel was lowest-priced in India ($10.36/100km), Malaysia ($11.43/100km) and South Africa ($11.63/100km), and most costly in Finland ($138.90/100km), Switzerland ($125.07/100km) and Lithuania ($116.72/100km).

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