Substantial green improvements have been made to logistic operations, say almost half transport managers polled

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12th March 2020 17:17 - Transport and Distribution

Substantial green improvements have been made to logistic operations: A survey of transport managers has found that almost half (46%) believe that their firm has made 'substantial' green improvements in the last twelve months. This compares to just over a fifth (21%) who feel nothing has been done at all.

However, the research by Paragon System Software Systems, also found that two-thirds of managers (66%) believe there is not enough being done to reduce the environmental impact of logistics operations, despite three-quarters feeling pressure to do so.

When looking at the pressures firms are facing, 56% feel the greatest is the increasing cost of fuel to their fleets. 

The survey found that almost 6 in 10 respondents believe that improving overall fleet efficiency is key to reducing emissions, while for 38% of respondents, improving supply chain modelling could be key, as well as introducing bans on urban vehicles.

However, seven out of 10 respondents (69%) believe that a real change towards sustainability will not occur until legislation is introduced. 

William Salter, MD of Paragon Software Systems, said: 

“Despite advances in more efficient vehicle technology, emissions omitted by HGVs and vans continue to rise, so much more needs to be done."

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