Survey Discovers Many UK Drivers Confused Over Tackling Tyre Flats

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30th April 2012 17:02 - Transport and Distribution

The latest Kwik Fit survey has revealed that many Britons are alarmingly unprepared for a tyre flat - 1.3 million British motorists don’t know if their vehicle has a spare wheel and a further 1 million confessed to not having any provisions whatsoever in the event of a flat tyre.

In addition, the study found 10% of the 2,027 adults surveyed (representing an average of 2.9 million) who carry a spare say they don’t have the necessary tools in their car to change it if a tyre blew. 

A further 36% (11.6 million) said they have the tools but admit they don’t know how to use them, while 6% (1.8 million) have neither the equipment nor the knowledge to fit a new wheel.

Many Britons are also confused over car manufacturers no longer offering full size spares as standard with some of their vehicles. One in ten motorists (3.3 million) who have a spare don’t know whether it’s a full-size spare or a low-speed space-saver, posing a danger if a blowout happens on a long motorway journey.

To further complicate matters, some vehicle manufacturers offer neither a full size spare nor a space saver, instead only providing a puncture repair kit. 

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