Survey Finds Majority of Britons Irritated by Slow Drivers

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1st August 2011 17:03 - Transport and Distribution

A survey by comparison website has found that 60% of the respondents rate slow drivers as a major cause of stress and irritation on British roads.

In addition, nearly half of UK drivers have admitted to attempting unsafe overtaking to pass vehicles moving slower than the rest of the traffic. has responded to the survey results by proposing camera enforced minimum speed limits. But while the Association of British Drivers (ABD) agrees that driving well below the natural speed that most drivers are travelling is dangerous and anti-social, they do not support the suggestion as a solution.

Brian Gregory, ABD Chairman, commented: "If only everybody drove around the speed a reasonable person would expect to travel, the roads would be much safer, less stressful places for all. Unfortunately there will always be small minorities who either wish to travel dangerously fast or far too slow, disrupting safe traffic flow, causing congestion and prompting rash behaviour as highlighted in the survey. These people can be dealt with under existing due care and attention laws, although cases are sadly all too rare.”

He added: “The ABD would like to see laws similar to some continental countries where it is compulsory for slow moving vehicles to pull in at the first opportunity to allow following vehicles to pass.”

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