Survey Reveals Summer Rain Costs UK Drivers 25 Million per Day

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26th June 2012 15:47 - Transport and Distribution

A new survey on behalf of car insurance provider RAC has discovered that for every day it rains in summer, it costs an additional £25 million for motoring in the UK.

Seasonal drivers during the summer months reported spending £9 each per day on average when it rains on the combined costs of petrol, parking and congestion charges. This figure adds up to a total of £6,202 per seasonal driver if it were to rain for the majority of the summer.

Following from this, the market research also found that up to 2.8 million (17%) of drivers in Britain have opted to only take their car out to work and back when it is cold and wet.

In addition, two-fifths of respondents to the survey said they prefer to choose alternative methods of transport in the summer months when the weather is nice – namely walking or cycling to work in their employment location permits.

This figure was even higher amongst Londoners, with 24% of drivers who reside there claiming to leave their car at home when the weather is good enough.

RAC recommends that seasonal drivers looking to lower their motoring costs can also do so by finding a good deal on their car insurance.

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