Survey Shows Over 70% Of Railway Users Think Food Is Overpriced

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30th June 2014 12:08 - Transport and Distribution

Price reductions and fresher produce are two key elements that would entice more customers to purchase food or drink on a train or at a station, according to a YouGov report.

Findings showed that almost three quarters of respondents (72%) viewed food at stations as overpriced, 70% said lower prices could persuade them to buy food and just 8% said the food on sale was good value for money.

Other popular areas found to attract more customers to purchase include: fresher food (58%), higher quality choices (58%) and more healthy options (42%) - the results showed that currently 42% of participants said they find it hard to select any healthy options as it stands. Elsewhere, almost two fifths (39%) said they would like to see freshly brewed coffee offered on board.

When asked to associate train food with certain descriptive words ‘expensive’ (55%) came out on top, followed by ‘alright’ (42%), ‘uninspired’ (29%), ‘processed’ (28%) and ‘calorific’ (19%).

Furthermore, one in five respondents said they would be more likely to purchase food/drink on a train or at a station if they could pre-order and have it delivered to their seat, two fifths could be persuaded with vouchers or money-off coupons as part of their ticket and 16% said they would be more inclined to buy if they could order items while on board that would be brought onto the train at a stop on the journey.

Tom Rees, UK research manager at YouGov Reports, said the survey results show there is clearly room for improvement, but that this offers opportunities for businesses.

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